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Water Quality

Water Quality Overview

At South Mesa Water Company (SMWC), providing our customers with safe, reliable, high quality drinking water at a reasonable cost is our highest priority.

SMWC staff work diligently to ensure our water meets or exceeds all quality standards set by the state and federal government.

SMWC water comes from underground aquifers and 100% of the water delivered to your home or business is well water pumped out of the ground within our service area. Learn more about the quality of your drinking water by reviewing our most recent Consumer Confidence Report. Also, you can review the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act to learn more about the national drinking water standards that all water system providers must follow.

If you have questions or concerns about your water quality, please call us during normal business hours at (909) 795-2401 or email us at info@southmesawater.com.

Water Testing

To ensure that our water meets or surpasses federal and state drinking water standards, South Mesa Water Company follows a strict collection and testing schedule.

New pipelines are tested for bacteriological quality before they can be entered into our distribution system.

Samples are collected weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly from 6 separate testing locations throughout of service area and are rigorously tested for contaminants. Please note, South Mesa Water Company employees will never ask to enter your home to collect a water sample from your tap.

If you have questions about identifying a South Mesa Water Company employee please call the office at (909) 795-2401.

Water Quality FAQ

Why is my water cloudy?
Sometimes water can look “milky” or “cloudy.” This “cloudiness” occurs when air becomes trapped in the water. The air is introduced into the water during pumping and as it travels through our distribution system. These thousands of tiny air bubbles that form give the water a slightly white appearance. While this may impact the water’s appearance, it does not affect the water’s safety and will not harm household plumbing systems. There is a simple way to test whether cloudy water is due to trapped air. Fill a glass with tap water and set it on the counter. Observe the water for a minute or two. As the air dissipates, the cloudiness will disappear.

Does South Mesa Water Company add fluoride to the water?
While there is naturally occurring fluoride in our water, South Mesa Water Company does not add fluoride to drinking water supplies. The naturally occurring fluoride content is addressed in our annual Consumer Confidence Report and ranges between .22 to 2.1 ppm with an average of 1.01 ppm.

Is my water hard?
Our water at South Mesa Water Company is 100% well water which means it is pumped out of the ground. As the water moves through the underground soil and rock it dissolves very small amounts of minerals. Magnesium and calcium are two of those minerals and are the most common minerals that make water “hard.”

The hardness of water is generally referred to by one of three measurements: grains per gallon, milligrams per liter (mg/L) or parts per million (ppm). The table below is provided for reference.

The table below provides South Mesa Water Company’s range of water hardness as of our most recent Consumer Confidence Report.

Please refer to the owner’s manual for your dishwasher and washing machine regarding information on settings for water hardness.

Why is there a foul smell when I turn on the water faucet? Why does my water smell like rotten eggs?

Do you have a water filtration system? If you have a water filtration system, the filters may need to be changed or the system may need to be flushed. Regular filter changes and system flushes should prevent to odor from returning.

Is the smell coming from inside your home? If the odor is coming from inside your house only, the problem is generally in the drain or garbage disposal and not from the water. Pour a half cup of household bleach in each drain and flush thoroughly.

Is the smell coming from just the hot water tap? If the odor is coming from just the hot water tap, the problem is in your hot water heater. Annual flushing of your hot water should prevent the odor from returning.




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