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Utility Bill Assistance

If you’re struggling to pay an overdue water bill, you may be able to get assistance. As a San Bernardino County/Riverside County resident, you may qualify for utility bill payment assistance from the State of California. Below is a list of programs available in our area with the links for application requirements: 

Low Income Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) 

We are enrolled with the Low Income Household Water Assistance Program, which receives government funding to help families who are behind on their water and wastewater utility bills. If you are eligible, you could receive a one time payment of up to $2,000 to help pay down your overdue water utility bills.  

To learn more about the program, view eligibility requirements and find out how to apply, visit https://csd.ca.gov/waterbill.

Riverside Public Utilities Assistance

The Riverside Public Utilities has provided a list of resources that Riverside County residents may qualify for. This includes information for water, sewer, and electric bill assistance. Some programs that they highlight include: 

Sharing Households Assist Riverside’s Energy (SHARE) 

If you meet certain income requirements, you may receive up to $20/month for water and electric bill assistance. 

Emergency Recovery Assistance Program (ERAP)

This program assists residential electric customers with a one-time credit of up to $400 towards their utility bill.


For residents who regularly use certain medical devices, this program provides electricity at an adjusted rate structure. A list of qualifying devices is provided. 

Energy Savings Assistance Program (ESAP)

You may qualify for energy home saving improvements like smart thermostats and LED lighting. Income and household size restrictions apply. 

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Similar to the LIHWAP program, this is a federally funded program that provides assistance to eligible households to pay down outstanding electric bills. 

Utility Users Tax Refund

Eligible taxpayers who reside in the city of Riverside may apply for a small tax refund if they meet income requirements.

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