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Upcoming Rate Increases

Penalty Rate Increase: After careful consideration, we have deemed it necessary to increase our penalty rates in order to keep pace with the associated administrative costs. The cost of our late penalty has not been raised in many years, and it is no longer covering...

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Landscaping Competition Winner – Denise Gastel

Calimesa homeowner Denise Gastel has won the FireResistant Landscaping Competition hosted by South Mesa Water Company. Her attractive, well-designed, and waterwise garden ranked the highest for the presence of fire-resistant plants, strategically placed pathways and rock, called “defensible space” and overall aesthetics.

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Fire-Resistant Landscaping Competition

SMWC invites its shareholders/customers to enter its Fire-Resistant Landscaping Competition. Fire-Resistant Landscaping uses strategically placed fire-resistant plants and defensible space to resist the spread of fire to your home.

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