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Construction Meters

Construction meters are allowed to be placed on approved hydrants for construction and emergency water only. Any prolonged use, for other than the above uses, is not permitted. The length of time a meter for construction can be used will be determined on a monthly basis. All permanent uses of water require the installation of an appropriate-sized meter to be installed at the prevailing fees of SMWC. It is a crime to take water from a fire hydrant without prior written permission from SMWC. The water taken from a SMWC construction meter can only be used within SMWC’s service area.

Construction meter fees are as follows:

  • $1,800.00 deposit for the meter and backflow prevention device
  • $50.00 fee each time meter needs to be moved to another hydrant
  • $4.29 for each 100 cubic feet, equal to one unit, of water used
  • $2.00 rental fee per day
  • $750.00 fine for water removed from a hydrant without a flow meter attached

Please contact our office at (909) 795-2401 to arrange for a construction meter.

Please click on the link below for our Construction Meter Permit:
 Download Construction Meter Permit 

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