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2021 Fire-Resistant Landscaping Competition

Congratulations to Denise Gastel, the winner of the Fire-Resistant Landscaping competition!

South Mesa Water Company hosted a Fire-Resistant Landscaping Contest for its customers/shareholders to strengthen community resilience against fire and drought.

Finalists were judged by Battalion Fire Chief Tim O’Connell from the Calimesa Fire Department and the South Mesa Water Company Board of Directors at their September 8th, Board of Directors meeting. Gastel’s landscape scored the highest for presence of fire-resistant plant species, defensible space, and overall aesthetics

Denise Gastel was awarded $200 to Beaumont Cherry Valley Nursery, and received a Certificate of Recognition for her dedication and achievements from Senator Rosilice Ochoa Bogh and Assemblymember Chad Mayes.

The Calimesa Fire Department came out to congratulate Gastel on her win and talked about the importance of her commitment to water conservation and community resilience.

South Mesa thanks everyone who took the time to learn about fire-resilience and encourages everyone to follow Gastel’s lead and start implementing more California-friendly plants and defensible space to combat the drought and fire.

Fire-Resistant Plant Species

Fire-resistant plants are typically native to California, grow close to the ground, have low sap content, and grow without producing fuel (dead debris). These plants protect your home by cooking rather than catching and spreading fire.

Defensible Space

Defensible Space is a 10-foot border around your home of strategically placed fire-resistant plants, mulch, rock, patios, pathways, and similar features that provide a fuel break in the case of a fire.

Overall Aesthetics

Time to show off all of your hard work you’ve put into making your landscape beautiful! Submit photos that best capture the beauty of your home and gardens to win.

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