2021 Fire-Resistant Landscaping Competition

South Mesa Water Company is hosting a Fire-Resistant Landscaping Contest for its customers/shareholders to strengthen community resilience.

Participants will be judged by Deputy Fire Chief Rodriguez from the Calimesa Fire Department and the South Mesa Water Company Board of Directors at their September 8th, Board of Directors meeting.

The winner will be awarded a grand prize of $200 to a local nursery.

The deadline to enter is Monday, September 6th, 2021.

Good luck!

The winner of the grand prize will be judged based on three categories:

Fire-Resistant Plant Species

Fire-resistant plants are typically native to California, grow close to the ground, have low sap content, and grow without producing fuel (dead debris). These plants protect your home by cooking rather than catching and spreading fire.

Defensible Space

Defensible Space is a 10-foot border around your home of strategically placed fire-resistant plants, mulch, rock, patios, pathways, and similar features that provide a fuel break in the case of a fire.

Overall Aesthetics

Time to show off all of your hard work you’ve put into making your landscape beautiful! Submit photos that best capture the beauty of your home and gardens to win.

1.  Participants must be South Mesa Water Company customers.
Photos must be submitted by 11:59 pm on Monday, September 6th, 2021.
Contestants may submit 3-6 photos of their landscape.
4.  Only one entry per customer will be accepted.


Contest Entry Form

In order for us to verify that you are a current SMWC customer, please enter your current address OR your customer billing number.

Drop files here or
Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, Max. file size: 64 MB, Max. files: 6.

    Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, txt, Max. file size: 64 MB.


    Tips to Win

    1. Before you start taking photos, remove any distractions in the background (like trash cans) that detract from the beauty of your landscape.
    2. Remove any potential fire fuel like dead leaves and woodpiles.
    3. Take a lot of photos that show off your fire-resistant plants, defensible space, and the overall beauty of your landscape.
    4. Experiment with lighting and vantage points.
    5. Only submit the best photos!